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Welcome to the Official Open OS Website

What is Open OS?

Open OS is a Linux distribution that aims for superior end-user usability as well as robust performance as a client or server. We also aim to provide excellent Win32 compatibility for the end-user to help ease the transition to Linux. Open OS will be optimized for i586 class and above processors (Pentium and above).

In addition, a special programming language called NativeScript will enable developers to write open-source software for Open OS in an application framework environment with phenominal performance using near plain English syntax.

Interested in Joining The Development Team?

Ever wanted to work on a big open-source project like an operating system? Now is your chance. We are currently taking applications to join our development team. Here is a sample of the skills we need:

Any work done by community will be open source. Also, having e-mail and an instant messenger will be a big help. If you're interested, just contact us.